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Nicole Stroller, MPH


As a study coordinator with the Proctor Foundation , Ms Stoller works with research partners in Ethiopia and Niger to facilitate trachoma research. Her interest in health disparities stems from her work experiences in Mexico, St. Lucia, and Costa Rica, as well as working with underserved groups domestically in Iowa and Illinois. Nicole’s training includes a BA in Health Promotion, with a focus on Women’s Health and Global Health, from the University of Northern Iowa and an MPH in Community Health Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ms Stoller is also one of the producers of The Eyes of Amhara, her first foray into filmmaking.

Tom Lietman, MD


Dr. Lietman is the director of the World Blindness Center at the Proctor Foundation. His research interests include trachoma control in Ethiopia, novel treatments of bacterial and fungal corneal ulcers in collaboration with the Aravind Eye Hospitals in South India, and mathematical models of infectious diseases, including trachoma and antibiotic resistance.

Dr. Lietman believes that with the appropriate strategies, the strains of chalmydia that cause trachoma can be completely eradicated.

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